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"Brides want to look their very best on the day of their wedding. Makeup is the key to achieving a flawless, radient look that will last throughout the day and night, and translate beautifully in photos that will last a lifetime!"


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Q: Why hire a make-up artist for my wedding?

Hiring a professional makeup artist is just as important as hiring a professional photographer. Make-up artists understand how your makeup will read on camera, and what products to use to ensure your make-up lasts all day through tears, sweat, and everything else! If you're paying money for pictures that will last a lifetime, you'll want to look your best in them. Plus, It's just another thing you won't have to worry about doing the day of your wedding. You can relax!


Q: How much does it cost?

You may contact me regarding my rates. The cost is reflective of my training, experience, travel time, cleaning, sanitizing and preparing products, product replacement costs, and actual labor time.


Q:How far in advance should I book your services for my wedding day?

It's suggested that you book at least 6 months in advance, although many brides will book 1 year in advance. Weekends during bridal season book up quickly!


Q: Do I have to come to you?

The great thing about being a mobile make-up artist is that I come to you! You don't have to travel to a salon or studio with your bridal party. I'll come to you wherever you are, whatever time. It's a huge convenience.


Q: Do you travel for out of province/country destination weddings?

Absolutely! I enjoy travel and am happy to accomodate a bride who's out of province or country. You may contact me for rates and packages regarding destination weddings.


Q: How long does it take for you to do make-up on each person?

Generally, 25-30 minutes per face.


Q: Do you work with an assistant?

I don't normally work with an assistant or second artist, however, depending on the size of the bridal party and timeframe given, I can bring along a second artist if necessary.


Q: Are you available for touch-ups during the day?

Although the products I use hold up wonderfully throughtout the day, some brides would like to be freshened up before their photos, or the reception. I am available for on-location touch-ups at an additonal cost. There is also an option for a reception makeup change. Inquire for more details.


Q: What happens at a consultation, and when should I have one?

Consultations with the bride are important because you'll know exactly what you're getting on your wedding day. At a consult we will discuss your wedding colors, your skin care needs, select colors and design a look for you. Usually it takes 1-1.5 hrs, but I'll make sure you're happy before I leave! Feel free to have a reference picture if you have something already in mind.


Q: What if I change my mind, and I decide not to get my makeup professionally done for my wedding after the consultation?

Although I'm confident you'll be very happy with my services, people are free to change their minds, in which case you'd forego the retainer fee you previously paid before the consult. *Details in contract that would be signed prior to consult


Q: Why do I have to sign a contract?

Contracts are mandatory when doing any kind of business. It protects the make-up artist who's providing the services, as well as the client receiving them.


Q: What is Airbrushing make-up?

Airbrushing is a great service that not everyone offers and is favored by many brides. The air gun sprays a fine mist that sits evenly on the skin. It feels like a cool breeze on the face when it's being sprayed-very relaxing! It provides a flawless coverage (sheer or full coverage) by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a natural finish. I use a water-based formula which is great for sensitive and acne prone skin types. Here are the benefits:


  • high definition coverage
  • easily conceals blemishes and hyperpigmentation
  • will not rub off or fade
  • radiently soft and natural complexion


Q: Why are lash extensions good to have for my wedding?

Lash extensions have become more and more popular, especially amougnst brides. They are a nice alternative to strip lashes because the extensions last 2-4 weeks (when cared for properly), are extrememly light weight, and there's no need for mascara!


Q: I have very sensitive skin, what products do you use?

I'm experienced in dealing with all skintypes and ethnicities. I have a variety of make-up and skincare products that I use for sensitive skin. I'm also very diligent in sanitizing my tools between clients. Cross-contamination never happens. I keep my kit clean and make sure my make-up products are replaced when needed. I use disposable mascara wands, but if you have very sensitive eyes and feel more comfortable using your own mascara, then feel free to bring it along! Some brands I use are Lancome, MAC, Yaby, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Face atelier, Urban Decay, + many more.


Q: I'd like to book your services, what do I do?

To book and hold your wedding date, a 25% non-refundable retainer fee is required to be paid. The remaining balance is due on the day of your wedding.


Q: Do you offer any customized packages or extra services?

If there's something specific a bride has in mind, I will do my best to accomodate her and the bridal party! Optional services you can add are airbrush foundation, brow grooming, tattoo cover up, reception makeup change and on site touch ups. You may contact me for pricing.


Beauty tips for brides before the wedding day:

  • If you have any skin concerns be sure to see to them at least 6 months before the wedding by seeing a dermatologist, getting on a proper skincare regime or getting facials.


  • If you realize you have an inflamed blemish close to your wedding day, don't squeeze! Ice it to reduce swelling, and apply a good spot treatment the night before to help dry it up. Try Kate Somerville - Eradikate Acne Spot Treatment, or Benzoyl peroxide found in drugstores. *Please note these products can be drying, and may not work for your skin.


  • Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin, and get lots of sleep- it's the best beauty advice.


  • Don't change your skincare regime within a couple weeks of your wedding day, it's not the time to experiment.


  • Be careful with self-tanners. They're great and you may want a nice tan before your wedding but practice with products well before to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. In my opinion, professional spray tans are the way to go. If you do get streaking, try lemon juice as a remover because it's a natural exfoliant. If you don't mind spending the money, try St.Tropez self-tan remover sachets to have on hand just in case.
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